2022 was a very difficult year. I got cancer again. What more can I say. 2023 is turning to be a slow year. I am lucky there are more treatments but that is a heavy load. More side effect, brain fog, etc. So, I am taking a very slow year-kind of mindset. With that in mind, I never want to lose focus of the fact that I want to create pieces that cheer us up. Paintings that give you a mood boosting kick when you look at them! That is how I started with this, the first time! to cheer myself up. To remind me that the glass is half full- always! just a matter of perspective. so lets adjust our lenses, and be mindful of the message we send ourselves. First things first; be kind with ourselves. All large paintings have sold but stay tuned on instagram for smaller paintings that  will be available to purchase online.

Spring Fling 1