Meet the Team! I love this tribe sooo much!

The artist. This is me! Violeta Barcenas Chamorro. I am a self-taught Nicaraguan mixed media artist. I am in love with this project. This is my dream life so I hope that percolates in my art and I hope it brings you inspiration and joy.
Cayetana: The Manager. A cool maverick with many talents. Cate has worked her way up from cute toddler model to the youngest operations manager ever. (CC: Forbes Magazine) She is also a maker so I am sure we will be celebrating her opening her own shop soon. 
Guillermo: Delivery Dude. He in charge of distribution of packages around the DMV Area and you can catch him at our local USPS many afternoons of the week.

Violeta Bermudez:
The Writer. Violeta loves to tie art with stories. She loves to travel and you can, always, always, find her reading a cool novel. Someday I will read hers! She is in charge of everything "writing" e-vry-thing...so nothing would work without her!

Guillermo Areas:
The Delivery Dude-Husband. He makes sure your packages get to the post office on time., and that all stores in the Washington are well stocked, aaand most importantly he cooks everyday so we have sustenance!! Send him a recipe and get a discount!

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