Violeta Barcenas - Violet Red

I am a Nicaraguan artist based in Washington, D.C.
I am an artist, illustrator, mother, feminist... I have been traveling since I am 9, and my art has become an abstract reflection of the little corners around the world that have become part of my lives. 
I like to travel and meet new people with cool stories. I don't shy away from a well spent weekend at home in my hammock reading a book. A part of me thinks that life should be spent reading books, watching movies and relaxing with family over a good beer and with a great friend. However, the other part :-) knows working hard every day is key to survive! 

Some days I long to return to the places I've visited, - especially my favorite beach in Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur - and some days I wish I could hop on a plane and travel to some cool pacific island. Adventure, similarly to work, is another key to survival; and when you mix them together you find the ultimate key to happiness. 

Drop me a note and say hello. after all We are all connected. Thank you internet.