October is an important month for me. Not only did I discover - and was diagnosed - with cancer, but it is also the month dedicated to raising awareness. 

(Talk about a coincidence!). At the time, it felt like a thunderstorm with no shelter. It was a truly difficult time. This year, I celebrate my 10th anniversary in remission. It still feels unreal but I am grateful. Grateful to all of the medical advances, the people who donate time and money, all of the researches, doctors and nurses and scientists around the world who are making this happen. “This” is the cure! As with everything else in life, this is a team effort. To make this short and sweet, I want to encourage you to get checked. Scratch that, I want to URGE you to go and get checked. So far, early detection has been key to so many people surviving. It definitively gives you an advantage!!!  Donate whatever you can: Money, information, time, volunteer in whatever way you can… And, if you have a loved one going through cancer, there are two things you can do right now:1. Be there:  Visit, talk on the phone, chat, FaceTime…not only during chemotherapy or radiation but every day!2. Offer HELP: Offer help taking something off their hands. Especially during treatment, offer help around to babysit, doing house shores, pet-sit, take care of the plants, run some errands or any daily task. Keep in mind that it might be difficult for them to ask for help, so it is important that you offer.