I started the Icon Series with the purpose to tell a story. Not mine, but ours. This is the story of women around the world who’ve jumped through barriers, crossed bridges, and cracked glass ceilings. In doing so, they’ve helped us find our way today. Though all these women are different from each other, they have something in common other than their gender: their words. 

To me, their words represent the fight against discrimination, inequality, addiction, abuse, stereotypes, and many other obstacles that they had to endure. While in general terms these obstacles are still present today, they have paved the way for us to build a better and brighter future. 

Their words are also a reminder that they weren’t perfect, and that neither are we. That the world around us doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as we are able to learn, grow, forgive, and move forward. Each tick of the clock is a chance to start again. And again. And again - until you’ve found the version of yourself you love the most. 

The icons are much more than badass women, they are inspiring human beings. And in a world where you can be anything, be human.